Phil and Sarah’s Engagement Portraits in Southbank

There is always an added element of pressure when photographing a fellow photographer, but I love how Phil and Sarah’s Engagement Portraits in Southbank turned out. 

Phil may photograph dogs, a very different client base to my own, but that didn’t stop us having a great chat throughout the day about equipment preference and camera lenses. I may be begging Sarah for forgiveness in the future when Phil comes home with a whole new set of lenses that match my own. 

Creating rapport whilst on a photoshoot is an important part of the process, it helps the clients relax into the process, which in turn leads to more natural photos. And these clients certainly needed a little relaxing after the photoshoot was almost postponed due to the rain. 

The weather was less than desirable that day. A classic British summer day with plenty of rain and grey clouds, however, we persevered and the results speak for themselves. We took advantage of the weather, using the puddles to create reflections and add depth to their engagement portraits. The sun also blessed us with its presence eventually, and at the same time the rain stopped, allowing for a full day’s shooting and the end result that Phil and Sarah wanted. 

Southbank is one of my favourite spots to shoot engagement photos. With so much interesting architecture and distinctively different locations, there is an abundance of great backdrops to choose from. With lots of colours, and even the background bustling with people going about their business, that adds interest to the photo and additional layers of interest to the images. 

Phil and Sarah’s Engagement Portraits in Southbank was a great day out, despite the awful weather at the beginning of the day, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next year. Thank you Phil and Sarah.

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