Life is filled with magic if you know where to look for it, keep it with you!

London wedding photographer

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Voyteck London Wedding Photographer

👋, my name is Wojtek

I believe life is filled with magic if you know where to look for it. And that’s where I come in. I’m a happy guy who is curious about life and human connection.

I really enjoy an active lifestyle, keeping fit is my new hobby!  I’m grateful for the talent to capture the magic in other people’s lives and it’s my pleasure to share it.

Over the years I have discovered that every wedding has a particular energy to it and a magic all of its own. As your photographer, this is what I’ll be tuning into.

Some of my favourite stories

I love finding the tiny human clues that allow a glimpse of a most personal feeling

My mission is to capture moments of your wedding in such a way that when you look at the pictures years in the future, you’re instantly transported back to that moment, that feeling.

And in my experience, it’s never about the flowers or the menu.

It’s people, it’s always about the people

I love the people in my life, they seem to understand my passion for the details of genuine human connection. That authentic interaction is something what I’m always looking for.

I want to document it and then put it on paper, where it really comes to life. I’m obsessed with printing our family photos. I know how happy those books will make me when I’m grey and old. How proud I will be to show them to everyone.

My kids are very lucky to have a dad who will document their childhood. I want other people to understand how important it is to take photos for your future-self.

You want to create memories with your favourite people and then put them on paper so you can keep them with you. Wedding days and all other happy moments come and go very quickly, photograph them.

Best of 2022