Engagement Portraits London

Fay and Dan’s engagement portraits in London

Fay and Dan got engaged on holiday, below the beautiful sunshine of Cancun, Mexico. However, they chose to have the engagement portraits in London.

A stark contrast to the sandy beaches of Cancun, the setting for the engagement shoot was the sandy banks of Horsell Common. For those of you who know some pub quiz trivia facts about Surrey you’ll know that Horsell Common is the inspiration for H.G Wells book, The War of the Worlds. For those of you that didn’t know that, you can thank me if this ever comes up at your local pub quiz night. 

Fay and Dan’s giant, even for the breed, Bernese Mountain dog Raph, is the third member of their relationship, so it was only right that he featured heavily in their engagement shoot. We had plenty of fun playing around the common, Raph of course thought the whole event was all about him! I am so pleased with how the shots came out, truly reflecting the fun and life in this relationship, and of course the central role that Raph plays. 

Fay and Dan share a passion for CrossFit and the fitness industry, they are both personal trainers and enjoy being active. This active lifestyle was another element that we wanted to bring to the photoshoot. Although not in a gym setting there was plenty of running and jumping around, mostly chasing after Raph! 

Choosing an outdoor setting, with a very relaxed atmosphere meant that Fay and Dan could feel at complete ease, and allow their personalities to shine through. Engagement portraits don’t need to be all perfect poses in beautiful settings, they should be seen as an opportunity to learn to relax in front of the camera and most importantly to enjoy the process. The best engagement photoshoots always reflect the personality of the couple and what is important to them, afterall you will be keeping these forever. 

Learn more about my engagement shoots here. Let’s talk about your ideal engagement portraits and how we can reflect your personalities.

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