Wedding albums

Other than booking a great photographer to document your wedding, printing your images is the second most important thing you could do. The reason I work so hard on the day is to really find the essence and beauty of all the little interactions and special moments a lot of people don’t even notice. Even though it’s awesome to see your photos on those shiny apple screens, they truly come to life on paper.

You are likely to only book a professional photographer a few times in your lifetime. Those photos shouldn’t get covered in digital cobwebs on your hard drive. They need to be printed.

Your wedding album is the best gift to your future self and it will grow in value every year. You will be proud to show those stunning images to your friends and family. We don’t know what the future holds for us but, I’m sure that your album will put a smile on your face every time you will look at it.

Future generations will be able to remember you and your favourite people. I print at least one album of my family per year. That should keep my wife and I very entertained when we are 70. Can you imagine how much joy it will bring to look through these photos in 40 years? It may sound old school to print but it’s actually really cool!

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