St Pauls Cathedral

Michael and Kiana’s Engagement shoot at Millenium Bridge

Engagement Photos Millenium Bridge

A new blog, finally! It’s been a while since I put up some fresh content for very obvious reasons. This year has been really tough for us wedding photographers and we will be very lucky if we shoot a handful of weddings this year. I was so glad when Michael reached out to me on Instagram that him and Kiana would love to have some photos in London before they move to California. Weather at that time was just perfect so I thought I will convince them for a sunrise shoot. Its always hard to get up so early but man its so worth it. London is really magical when it slowly comes to live and especially on a sunny day. That morning light is just magical and Im sure you all know I love to play with it.

We started our shoot at Shakespeare’s Globe and slowly moved the main spot. If you getting up at 4am you want to have engagement photos Millenium Bridge. Those first rays are the best when light is still super soft and creates that yellow hazy feel! After that we moved on to one of Londons iconic spot with best view on St Pauls Cathedral. If you have never heard about this place go check it out, its soo cool! You can find it. It’s just by the entrance of One New Change Shopping Centre. Looks pretty amazing all day but a bit extra special in the morning when you can selfishly enjoy it without lots of people trying to take a photo.

Next step, St Pauls Cathedral. Also usually very crowded place, we had it just for ourselves to I didn’t have to spend hours trying to photoshop out all the tourists. We finished our session at Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden. It was my first time there, what a unique spot! Now I know why Michael and Kiana really wanted to go there. Beauty!

I had such a good time to finally pick up the camera and take some photos, I really missed that! Here are some of my favourite shots and also I managed to pit together this short little clip. Pump up the volume and hit play!

Engagement Photography London

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