5 Top Tips From Brides to Brides

We all know how important it is to be well prepared for your Big Day, so to avoid any nasty surprises I have put together this list, with a little help from my past brides. Every bride has a different wedding where different problems may occur. So hopefully these tips will give you an idea of what could possibly go wrong and what you should do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. So to start with…

Tip no. 1

Enjoy your engagement! It’s fun and should only happen once! Engagement is not only the time where you should be planning your wedding, it’s the time to create great memories and spend time together. Go travel, eat out, sleep late – when you decide to have kids, you might not be doing all that as much as you’d like  Planning your wedding is hard work and it will take a lot of your time, you don’t want this to be the only thing you remember from your engagement.

Tip no. 2

Plan way in advance, that will give you a chance to take a break before the wedding comes and focus on fine details, those are really important and will make the difference. Once you start planning you realise how much needs to be done and if you can’t afford a wedding planner, you need to do most of it by yourself! Rushed planning is nothing but stress which you really don’t need. Some may think that planning early is silly, but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. When others will be getting grey hair two weeks before their wedding, you will be booking a weekend in Paris with your fiance

Tip no. 3

Don’t plan your wedding for too early in the day – getting ready in the morning with your bridesmaids is a big part of the wedding day and you should enjoy that part rather than rush through it so you can make it on time. Also, getting ready at the venue can be really handy as then you don’t need to worry about the travel and traffic. Don’t have too much champagne with the girls as that will make you feel tired before the whole evening fun starts! Make sure you eat! So many brides are too stressed in the morning and often forget about that. If you have any skin problems and want to make it perfect for your Big Day, it’s good to visit a specialist for advice, same goes for the tanning.

Tip no. 4

All my brides had one advice in common, make sure you use a good photographer. I’m not only saying that because I am one.  Photos are that one thing you will cherish for a lifetime, show your family and friends and you want to be proud of them. If you are cutting costs, make sure you are not doing that with photography as you may regret that forever. You want your wedding photos to reflect all the time and money you have spent and to have that you need a great photographer. Take your time when choosing one, meet a few and see what they say. A professional wedding photographer is not just someone who has an expensive camera and big lenses, it is a person who has a true passion for their work and will do what ever is needed to make sure you and your fiancee look your best. Your wedding photographs are his reputation, that’s why he won’t let you down.

Tip no. 5

And last but not least… Take a few minutes during the day to absorb the great atmosphere you have created. Look around to see happy, smiling faces of your friends and family who also made a lot of effort to share this special moment in your life with you. Most brides say that the day goes by so quickly, so make sure you take a few minutes to stand back and reflect on how nice it all turned out!

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