Kevington Hall Weddings

Dave and Natalie’s wedding at Kevington Hall

Kevington Hall Wedding

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year! The last couple of days I have mainly been sorting out all the blog posts I still want to share with you before the awesome 2017 round up will shine on my blog. I will start off with a summer reminder and a very hot Kevington Hall Wedding. I think it was one of the hottest days of the year and wow, that ceremony room felt a bit like a sauna, haha! Shortly after the very fun paperwork we all headed to have some drinks and chill by the pool. I think most of us really wished that we had brought swimming costumes. I clearly remember changing into shorts after everyone sat down for a meal.

Ok,  lets talk for a moment about Kevington Hall. I think it’s one of those secret London gems not many people know about. It’s mainly used for private functions, often with celebrities but, because of the lovely space, the owners also get asked to host weddings. Built in 1769 by Sir Robert Taylor, it has been beautifully restored and sometimes is open to the public. Kevington Hall is privately owned and it’s the perfect Kent Wedding Venue. I remember when I did my research before the wedding, I didn’t find much information and exploring the venue on the day was such a joy. One of the funny things was the toilet located, just by the bath in the master bedroom. People obviously didn’t care too much about privacy 200 years ago!

Dave and Natalie, thanks again for having me document your Big Day. It was so much fun working with you! Here is my favourite selection, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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  1. Considered, beautiful, fun..’s another perfectly documented wedding 🙂 love the finer (and fun) details; it looks like you had a live wire bridesmaid?! ?
    Amazing as always.

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