Best of 2018

Best Wedding Photography 2018

It’s that time again, to look back at this year’s adventures! Let’s enjoy all those great moments once more, reflect and set goals for the future. 2018 was definitely my busiest year to date. I shot 43 awesome weddings, met some truly amazing couples and visited some beautiful places. I also hosted 7 group workshops and had several one to one mentoring sessions with great people who wanted to improve their camera skills. Thank you to all my couples, you were amazing and I really wish we could do it all over again. It’s been 10 years since I picked up my first camera and I’m still loving the photography journey. I suck at DYI, cooking, listening, losing and have very low patience levels, I’m surprised I’m actually good at something, haha!

Because 2018 was just a tad too crazy I have decided to cap the number of weddings I’ll shoot at 35.  Drop me an email if you are planning an awesome wedding!

Photographers, I want to thank every single one of you who attended any of my workshops. Mentoring has become a huge passion of mine and I love seeing people taking their photography and business skills to the next level after attending my workshops. There are a few who I’m extremely proud of, you know who you are! You guys smashed it this year and I know 2019 has something special in store for you. Keep doing your thing and good stuff will come.

Now on to 2019…I’m so pumped about next year, there is lots planned! For those who have been asking, I’m going to finally start offering family photography, yay! More info to follow soon. I take so many photos of my kids, I can’t believe it took me so long to make this happen. There is a shiny new website being built as we speak, it will go live in January, can’t wait to show you! Posing workshops will be back again, this time probably not as many. For now, I’m planning to do one in March, April and May, most likely on a weekday. If you want to join in, get in touch now to put your name on the waiting list. If you are interested in one to one mentoring, there are 2 spaces for January and February.

I took over 300k photos this year, it was bloody hard to pick my favourites and I’m sure I missed so so many that should be here. I’m a sucker for a good slideshow so here it is, pump the volume up and hit play. There are only 74 photos here as this year I wanted to keep it short and sweet but if you fancy seeing more, just scroll down.

Pump up the volume and hit play!


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