Pre Wedding Party Aynhoe Park

Charlotte and Jack’s Aynhoe Park Dinner Party

Aynhoe Park Dinner Party

Weddings are amazing but, there is one downside to them…the day goes by way too quickly. Your family and friends travel from all around the world to celebrate that special moment with you and there never seems to be enough time to catch up with everyone. We want to enjoy a good conversation with our guests but before we know it, the party kicks off and we see the clock strike midnight. One of the best ways to enjoy spending more time with your family and friends is to throw an Aynhoe Park dinner party. It gives you an entire extra day  to spend with your favourite people.

You don’t need to worry about saying hi to everyone on the wedding day, leaving you with hours of extra time to really soak it all in. A pre wedding dinner party is the time when the planning has officially ended and you can finally celebrate!

Pre Wedding Dinner

Charlotte and Jack’s pre wedding dinner party was truly epic. We were lucky to have a beautiful evening so we could enjoy the stunning grounds of Aynhoe Park. One of the ‘must do’ things on the list was a quick rehearsal. It really helps to get a feel of what is going to happen on the day. You also get an idea of what walking down the isle will feel like 🙂

One of my favourite moments from that day was Charlotte’s speech about how she met Jack. So many funny moments, these two are a perfect match! It was also lovely to see how great the bond was between the two families. As I always say, it’s all about people. People are everything so you need to have the good ones around you. Below are some of my favourite photos from their Aynhoe Park dinner party. Also make sure to see the photos from this pretty epic Aynhoe park wedding, it was a beauty! Big love to Joanna Carter for decorating the venue with those amazing flowers!


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